Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Handcrafted Recycled Goodies

Why recycle paper? Well it's the most obvious choice. We had lots of them in our home: old newspapers, telephone directories, empty cereal boxes and other words, trash! Well, the sort of trash that doesn't smell anyway. And besides, we're doing our bit for the environment. Ever since we could remember we've always been looking for ways to re-use items that are to be thrown away. For us, every item has design potential specially if the material is quite good in terms of texture and durability. You can imagine how our work area looks like! But we like it! It's invigorating, flexing your creative muscles to good use. It also gives you some feeling of accomplishment in the sense that we've created something that can be useful again! 

Craft Boxes
Most of the items used here are recycled stuff, of course. Choice cut-outs from newspapers were used as collage on the cover and side of the box. Here are some of the boxes we made in this manner:

Handcrafted Picture Frames
These picture frames are all hand-made. From the cutting of the frame pieces to assembly and embellishment. We've had several designs and can either a 3R or 4R picture. One of the good features of our frames is the ease on how you insert your photos! We've designed it in such a way that slipping your treasured photo is a breeze. Here are some of the designs: