Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend at the Museum

It was a very fulfilling weekend at the National Museum of Singapore on the weekend of 23-24 February.  We were there as part of Public Garden. It was there that we 'quietly' launch a new product, the handmade paper.  The handmade paper is a product of the Value Farm and it is based in the Philippines.  To know more about them and their cause, you may visit their website in the link I provided.

Last weekend, we've brought new journals at the Flamingo Shoppe.  The shop is located at 16A Haji Lane (Singapore).  They are at the second level.  If you were not able to catch us at any of the craft/flea markets, you may still get our handmade/homemade notebooks and journals there.  Here is a photo of some of our journals.
Our journals are in the center and front.  Some designs are only available in Flamingo.