Saturday, November 12, 2011

12.11.11 - the day after

hi there again!

yesterday (11.11.11), we were at maad. the crowd was great! have met a lot people as well. thanks for chatting with me (and buying).. it sure made my day :)

here is a photo of my suitcase. i have new shelves that i made on the spot... i feel that my old shelf is too big for the suitcase so i thought of using these shoeboxes (which I also use to store my stocks).

this is the sideview of the shelves. you can still see the labels of the shoeboxes. thanks to barefoot/terra plana for the shoe boxes :)

i'm so over happy with the shelves so here is the close-up view :)

enough of the shelves. see you on December (if I get in). happy sunday everyone and have a great week ahead.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

w i p

hi there!

how have you been? as for me, i've been busy... busy building up our stocks... see the photo on your right, these are the journals... it's still work in progress. hopefully, i can make enough before friday, 11-nov.

this coming friday, we'll be back at maad. since it is 11.11.11 (11 nov 2011), it's a special day. don't ask me why, i just read that from maad's page :) there'll be special promotions and discounts because it's a 'special' day.

do come down and have fun with the whole gang! i'll be inside the museum again, ok?