Saturday, November 12, 2011

12.11.11 - the day after

hi there again!

yesterday (11.11.11), we were at maad. the crowd was great! have met a lot people as well. thanks for chatting with me (and buying).. it sure made my day :)

here is a photo of my suitcase. i have new shelves that i made on the spot... i feel that my old shelf is too big for the suitcase so i thought of using these shoeboxes (which I also use to store my stocks).

this is the sideview of the shelves. you can still see the labels of the shoeboxes. thanks to barefoot/terra plana for the shoe boxes :)

i'm so over happy with the shelves so here is the close-up view :)

enough of the shelves. see you on December (if I get in). happy sunday everyone and have a great week ahead.

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