About us

'kariton' by 1372 designs
'Kariton' is a Tagalog word which means pushcart. Back home, a kariton is a very useful mode of transporting goods.  It does not use any gasoline, so you can say it is earth-friendly :) People can put anything inside.  The common thing people put in a kariton are those things for recycling (or junk).  As you can see, our products fit perfectly well with 'junk'.  Although, it is the kind of junk that's clean and usable.

Why do we have '1372 designs' after 'kariton'?

We have been using the brand 'kariton' since we started this craft business in Manila (Philippines). Since we are now selling internationally, we need to think of a name that  will not be hard to say and not hard to remember.  Hence, '1372 Designs' was born, which is also our registered name.  But since we are used to using 'kariton' as our brand, we decided to include it.