Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy October!!!

Hi everyone!!!

First of all, let me thank everyone who dropped by last weekend at MAAD. Hope to see you again next month. Here is the only photo I took, sorry as it is a bit dark as there is no flash (I only used my iPhone to take this photo).

What's special with October? First, it's 2 months before December (a.k.a Christmas), the season of sharing. It's our favorite season :) Everybody seems very happy during this time. Back home in Manila, the Christmas season starts in September, the first 'ber' month (got it?). Many families setup the Christmas tree at their home at the month of September. Here in Singapore, we usually setup on the first week of December. If I setup in September, they might mistook it for Hari Raya. If I setup in October/November, people might think it is for Deepavali. So I'll settle for December so there'll be a distinction with the other occasions.

Another reason is 10/10 (10 October 2010). Are you aware that there is a movement called 10:10 wherein the aim is to cut carbon emissions by 10% each year? If you want to know more about this cause, you may read all about it in 10:10 global. Locally, it is supported by Ground-Up Initiative (GUI). You can check them out here.

In connection with this, there will be a local event called "Balik Kampung @ Bottle Tree Park". It will be on Sunday, 10 Oct 2010, from 8:30am to 5pm at Bottle Tree Park (Yishun). It is a 10-min walk from Khatib MRT station. For more information, you may check out the website here.

Hope to see you on Sunday, 10/10/10. It will be a very informative and fun-filled day for everyone.

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