Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the after MAAD effect

It was more than a week since we participated MAAD pyjamas but I still feel the effect. I got so inspired by the people I've met, both the customers and my co-vendors. It was a totally different experience than the previous MAAD events. The crowd was awesome and the organizers did a great job. Appreciate it very much.

To start with, I didn't participate for 4 months (the last being on March). It's just that I was too busy at my day job or I lack the initiative to continue what I am doing. But everything changed after MAAD pyjamas. I got my mojo again ;)

I signed-up for the September MAAD, hopefully I get selected... and hopefully I'll be inside the museum (cross-fingers).

Also, rediscover SG covered the event. And we got tiny bit of airtime in their video hehehe click here. Our suitcase is the second to the last. Thanks rediscoverSG team.

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